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Mar 24, 2017

Twenty years ago parents were concerned that the TV series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was causing undue violence in schoolyards as young fans of the franchise imitated the combat style of their favorite characters. Today, a reboot of the Power Rangers is set to take over theaters across the country. Will they create as much of a stir as they did two decades ago? Does anyone even remember these teenaged superheroes?

We suspect the answer to both questions will be, "Yes".  

Lionsgate Studios is banking on a few nostalgic viewers to be among the moviegoers -- many of whom will be parents themselves by now. And they are the most likely to be pleased by this high-tech resurrection of the fighting five. But just as the spandex-suits have been replaced by suits of armor, so has the violence been toughened up. Flaunting digital effects, this  PG-13 rated reimagining includes a sadistic villainess, numerous battle scenes and depictions of blood and injury.

While the film has been boasting about its diversity, with a cast composed of multi-ethnicities and a character with same-gender attraction, family audiences are still sure to notice the usual stereotyping. The lack of consequences faced by these young people, who frequently engage in reckless and illegal activities, is disappointing as well.

With plenty of punch without any positive role models, this new generation of Power Rangers is likely to generate just as much controversy as the last bunch did. 

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