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Frustrated with finding a great movie for your family? Wondering what messages a movie or TV show will teach your kids? With you could learn to use some of those technology gadgets around your home? The Parent Previews Podcast is the source of all this information and more. Produced by the team that has been authoring movie, media and technology reviews and tips for parents for over two decades.

Apr 7, 2017

Sometimes we parents lapse into thinking that a "kids' movie" is a benign entertainment experience. Smurfs: The Lost Village is a reasonably fun movie targeting young audiences. However, it also promotes some ideas that parents may want to discuss after the movie ends.

For example, every Smurf has a label: Grumpy Smurf, Baker Smurf, Hefty Smurf. You may want to discuss the adjective-names with your kids and reassure them that there's plenty of opportunity to try on many "names" and discover what you like to do.

Another scene has the Smurf's nasty enemy, the evil wizard Gargamel, chasing them down a river. When Gargamel is dumped into the water and is begging for help, Brainy Smurf tells the others to leave him behind. But Smurfette (the lone female of the clan) begs them to rescue him. Not surprisingly, the moment the bad guy is saved, he dumps the Smurfs into the water.

We discuss why parents should always make themselves available to view what their children are consuming and then be prepared to talk about it afterwards.

This podcast also looks at Going in Style, and how movie scripts justify criminal behavior.