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Frustrated with finding a great movie for your family? Wondering what messages a movie or TV show will teach your kids? With you could learn to use some of those technology gadgets around your home? The Parent Previews Podcast is the source of all this information and more. Produced by the team that has been authoring movie, media and technology reviews and tips for parents for over two decades.

Oct 7, 2017

Rod and Donna take a look at three movies releasing this week.

While we don't typically review R-rated films at Parent Previews, we felt Blade Runner 2049 was an exception. First, there are many parents who will have seen the original as a teen and may be interested in knowing if this sequel is worth seeing with their own teens. In short, it's an incredible movie but there are reasons it's rated R. That being said, it's not a "hard" R, and with a little less nudity and profanity it would probably be a PG-13.

We also look at The Mountain Between Us, a romantic movie with a survival twist. It's PG-13 and there are some concerns for parents, although overall Donna feels it's a movie with a worthwhile message and outcome.

Finally we have My Little Pony: The Movie. Not surprisingly, this one's best suited for kids, although this PG rated movie still has some moments of peril and we always suggest parents share movies with their children and discuss them afterward.

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